There are thousands of great themes available, but how can you get theme for even less? By doing some careful research only we were able to find a whole host of great deals from Themeforest coupon codes to discounted bundles where you can get access to multiple WordPress themes at once. Below we will discuss the main ways you can start saving on WordPress themes.

1. Look for discounts and coupons

The easiest way is to simply Google the company name and see if there are currently any deals available. Coupon sites will regularly gather the latest codes to help save you money. Many of the developers will announce deals on their twitter accounts as well, so I recommend you also take a look there.

It is also worth looking to see if they offer a club membership or access to all of their themes. Usually you will get a significant discount when you purchase all of their themes which may be useful if you can’t decide on just one, or you are a web developer. One of the easiest ways is to check on

2. Shop around

There are now hundreds of WordPress developers that provide high quality WordPress themes so it is important to shop around. Some will specialize in certain styles, such as having a very minimalistic design, whereas others will use more gradients and shapes.

A big thing to look out for is if the theme you are looking at is responsive. This means that it will adjust to fit any device when viewed, making it much easier for you visitors to view your website. If it isn’t responsive you should consider a plugin that will optimize your website for mobile.

3. Wait until seasonal events

Many WordPress theme stores will offer discounts at certain events in the year such as: Halloween, Christmas, new years, anniversaries, and the start of seasons. Expect around a 30% discount at these times, so it may be worth waiting to see if they will have a discount on (particularly if you are going to buy a membership or package).

Hopefully you enjoyed these tips, and if you have any yourself that you would like to share then please leave a comment below. More deals can be found here.