WordPress comes using a built in commenting system which lets you have dynamic conversations around your articles. By default, the commenting region reveals 4 fields (name, e-mail, web site address, and message). Lately we were asked by one of our users if they are able to add their particular custom fields to WordPress comments section. The response obviously is yes. In this guide, we’ll demonstrate the best way to add custom fields to the comments form in WordPress. !

First thing you should do is install and activate the WordPress Comment Fields. Upon activation, the plugin will add a fresh menu item tagged ‘Comment Fields’ !

You need click onto it to visit the plugins settings display at which it’s possible to add the comment form and custom fields.

Drag and drop input fields to the form

Now, there are four kinds of custom fields it is possible to enhance your comments form (text input, select box, radio buttons, and checkboxes).

Just drag a field and add it to the labeled’ areas that are formed. You will be able to view more choices for every subject when it drops in the region that is editable.

Configuring your custom comment form field

Each label typically has a name which is shown as the custom field label in your comments form. Information name is the name of the form area which must be all lower case and is likely to be utilized to save the information.

Besides this, you can make a field required, and can also put in a description text, an error message. Lastly you can even add a CSS class to every custom field, so you can change its look if desired (See our guide on what steps to take to to fashion your WordPress opinion form).

It’s possible for you to add as many custom fields as you would like. When you’re finished, just select the Save all changes button to save your settings.

The custom fields will appear only ahead of the comment textarea. It’s possible for you to use the CSS you added to correct the look of the custom area.

Custom fields in WordPress comment form

The data input by users in the custom fields will appear as comment meta below their comments.!

Custom fields in the comment form will appear as comment meta

Additionally, you will have the ability to view the information input in the comments page in your WordPress admin area into these fields.

Custom fields appearing as comment meta in the admin area

Hopefully this post helped you customize the comments form in WordPress and custom fields. You may even wish to have a look within our tutorial how to fashion WordPress opinions layout.