There are literally hundreds of free WordPress themes available. So why would you want to spend the money on a premium WordPress theme? There are several reasons why a premium theme is preferable. Premium themes are much easier to customize, they come with special features free themes don’t offer and, most importantly, they look more professional than a free theme. Below is a short review of 5 of the best paid WordPress themes.


This is a great option for an e-commerce site. One of the features is a layout changer, which allows you to set up your page three different ways. You also get several different templates with this theme. You have the ability to choose between three different portfolio and blog templates, two different gallery templates and a Woo Commerce template.


Whether you are a large corporation, a small business, or someone who needs a great theme that is flexible in its design and customization, Jollyany is the perfect choice. If you are creating a new business site it is necessary to use social media to create a buzz and get people to come to your site. You won’t have a problem when using this theme as it was created to be social media ready. You can change the layout of this site very easily so that you can make each page fit your needs. This theme also comes with over 30 different ways to create your homepage.


If you are interested in starting a game review site or a game e-zine site this is the theme for you. You can customize the look of the site. This theme also includes several slider options, top notch search options and event menus. One of the most important features of this theme are the advertising options that have been built into the theme.


This is the perfect theme if you need a great restaurant website. You have options to create your menu, allow customers to leave reviews and display menu options in a gallery. Customers will be able to book reservations through your site and you can customize this theme any way you want.


The perfect theme if you are creating a help site, or knowledge based site. It comes with a plugin that allows you to store large quantities of information and organize it easily. This theme also comes with the option to provide instant answers to any questions that are asked. You can create different icons for each category and allow customers to rate each article.

While free WordPress themes are abundant, so are premium WordPress themes. When you purchase a premium theme you get many great features already built into the theme to meet your needs. This means it is much easier to set up your site quickly because you don’t have to find the right plugin. You can customize your premium theme very easily so it does not look like a generic site. You want your site to be one of a kind, something that others will enjoy and comeback to visit often. Premium themes also come with support help should you run into problems. Most premium themes are very reasonably priced. If you want a professional website it is better to purchase a one of the best paid WordPress themes.