Is It Worth Buying A Gun Safe?

As an owner of a number of guns, both modern and vintage, I recently considered buying a gun safe to store them in and a place to store personal documents. In this article I will be discussing the good and bad points of buying one, and whether or not they are worth it.

Gun Safe Benefits


Obviously the biggest point is to keep them secure so someone cannot steal them. Guns are not cheap as most people know, participially vintage weapons. Storing them in a glass cabinet is fine until someone breaks in.

Many gun safes are quite high tech now allowing you to even plug in power and ethernet cable. Many have a digital keypad lock so you don’t need to worry about losing a key. In addition they are usually made of thick steal, such as Liberty safes.

Gun Safes

Child Safety

Being a father of 2 kids, I am always concerned about their security, particularly as a result of these recent gun crimes. Not only the public shootings but also kids firing them by accident.

Locking them up in a gun safe however can give you peace of mind, along as they don’t know the combination that is.


Guns are not the only thing good for using a gun safe. Storing personal document and important files are another great benefit. Would you rather have your documents stored in a fireproof safe or a wooden desk when a fire occurs?

Gun Safe Drawbacks


Most safes under $500 aren’t very good according to this review here. I was also told my a gun safe expert to expect to pay at least $1000 for a decent one.

However I consider this investment. How much will it cost me if someone steals my guns or personal documents? Probably thousands.


Lastly, many safes are quite large so storing them can be a pain. I have my currently in my garage bolted to the floor. If you don’t have one it can be hard finding the space for one in a house.


Overaal I think the benefits outweigh the negatives when it comes to buying a gun safe. Do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below.



How To Customize Your Comments Fields

WordPress comes using a built in commenting system which lets you have dynamic conversations around your articles. By default, the commenting region reveals 4 fields (name, e-mail, web site address, and message). Lately we were asked by one of our users if they are able to add their particular custom fields to WordPress comments section. The response obviously is yes. In this guide, we’ll demonstrate the best way to add custom fields to the comments form in WordPress. !

First thing you should do is install and activate the WordPress Comment Fields. Upon activation, the plugin will add a fresh menu item tagged ‘Comment Fields’ !

You need click onto it to visit the plugins settings display at which it’s possible to add the comment form and custom fields.

Drag and drop input fields to the form

Now, there are four kinds of custom fields it is possible to enhance your comments form (text input, select box, radio buttons, and checkboxes).

Just drag a field and add it to the labeled’ areas that are formed. You will be able to view more choices for every subject when it drops in the region that is editable.

Configuring your custom comment form field

Each label typically has a name which is shown as the custom field label in your comments form. Information name is the name of the form area which must be all lower case and is likely to be utilized to save the information.

Besides this, you can make a field required, and can also put in a description text, an error message. Lastly you can even add a CSS class to every custom field, so you can change its look if desired (See our guide on what steps to take to to fashion your WordPress opinion form).

It’s possible for you to add as many custom fields as you would like. When you’re finished, just select the Save all changes button to save your settings.

The custom fields will appear only ahead of the comment textarea. It’s possible for you to use the CSS you added to correct the look of the custom area.

Custom fields in WordPress comment form

The data input by users in the custom fields will appear as comment meta below their comments.!

Custom fields in the comment form will appear as comment meta

Additionally, you will have the ability to view the information input in the comments page in your WordPress admin area into these fields.

Custom fields appearing as comment meta in the admin area

Hopefully this post helped you customize the comments form in WordPress and custom fields. You may even wish to have a look within our tutorial how to fashion WordPress opinions layout.

Save Money On WordPress Themes

There are thousands of great themes available, but how can you get theme for even less? By doing some careful research only we were able to find a whole host of great deals from Themeforest coupon codes to discounted bundles where you can get access to multiple WordPress themes at once. Below we will discuss the main ways you can start saving on WordPress themes.

1. Look for discounts and coupons

The easiest way is to simply Google the company name and see if there are currently any deals available. Coupon sites will regularly gather the latest codes to help save you money. Many of the developers will announce deals on their twitter accounts as well, so I recommend you also take a look there.

It is also worth looking to see if they offer a club membership or access to all of their themes. Usually you will get a significant discount when you purchase all of their themes which may be useful if you can’t decide on just one, or you are a web developer. One of the easiest ways is to check on

2. Shop around

There are now hundreds of WordPress developers that provide high quality WordPress themes so it is important to shop around. Some will specialize in certain styles, such as having a very minimalistic design, whereas others will use more gradients and shapes.

A big thing to look out for is if the theme you are looking at is responsive. This means that it will adjust to fit any device when viewed, making it much easier for you visitors to view your website. If it isn’t responsive you should consider a plugin that will optimize your website for mobile.

3. Wait until seasonal events

Many WordPress theme stores will offer discounts at certain events in the year such as: Halloween, Christmas, new years, anniversaries, and the start of seasons. Expect around a 30% discount at these times, so it may be worth waiting to see if they will have a discount on (particularly if you are going to buy a membership or package).

Hopefully you enjoyed these tips, and if you have any yourself that you would like to share then please leave a comment below. More deals can be found here.

Tips About Choosing WordPress Themes For Photographers

The best way to market yourself as professional photographer is to have an accessible and impressive WordPress to show your talent to potential clients. How you display your work can be quite important and having a bold, high impact as well as stylish photography Web in one of the most effect ways of converting visitors into customers. Here are a few tips about WordPress themes for photographers:

Themes should not overshadow pictures

One of the biggest mistakes made by photographers when they are choosing their WordPress themes is to get more creative. It is important that your theme make your images look beautiful without overshadowing them. It does not help you if you select a theme that has your visitors paying more attention to your site than your photos. It is good to have a WordPress that stands out, but it is a different story if it overpowers your work.

Search engine friendly

Are you aware that search engines such as Google and Yahoo are not able to read pictures? Therefore, it is quite difficult to create photography web that is search engine friendly which has a lot of pictures. But the best WordPress themes for photographers are designed in a way that they are still friendly to the search engines. They are normally coded with care and their codes are search engine friendly.

Themes need to be lightweight

Since your WordPress is likely to be very image intensive, it’s imperative that you select a theme that is lightweight. This will lower your WordPress loading time while making it less resource demanding for your server. You should ensure that the framework of your WordPress’s theme is lightweight and also see that it can handle your pictures.

Responsive themes

It is important to select a responsive theme as you will be guaranteed that your pictures will be displayed correctly a cross all of the mobile gadgets people might use to access your WordPress. As people continue to access web through mobile gadgets, it makes a lot of sense to expect the level of traffic to your site from mobile gadgets to increase over time.

Social media link

Photographers are artists and all artists have their fans all over the world. Therefore, a good WordPress theme should contain social media links attached in it. If your follows visits your web, they should be able to see your online presence easily.

Choosing the best WordPress themes for photographers can be hard, but it is important to get it right, as it is the foundation of photographers’ websites.

Where To Find Stock Photos: Some Good Places To Start You Off

A picture speaks a thousand words and just by taking a quick glimpse at an image, you can easily get the story being told that would otherwise cover endless paragraphs of words. The brain generally processes visual images faster than text and online visuals have an even greater impact.

The design of a website is one of the most important criterion used by people to discern credibility of companies. The big question is: where is the right place to find stock images? Luckily, there are lots of resources on the online platform. If you are wondering where to find stock photos then sites provided below will no doubt prove helpful.

Creative Commons

The website Creative Commons has a useful search tool that can be used for finding images on third-party sites such as Wikimedia, Google Images, Flickr, Commons and Pixabay. The search tool has the option of looking for images offered for commercial purposes including those that can be modified, adapted and built upon. Creative Commons also provides users with a quick alternative of searching multiple websites containing amateur and professional photography and illustration.


Unsplash is yet another good site if you are in need of images to use on your website. It has plenty of stunning photos in different styles. Ten new photos are posted to Unsplash after every ten days and all images are under no copyright restrictions which means photographers have relinquished rights to their photography work and as such they have donated their work to the general public. The only downside is the fact that you cannot search the archive especially if you need to find an image quickly.


IM FREE is also another good site that provides curated free images which can be used for commercial purposes. So, users can pick from a wide variety of photography subjects which include sport, fitness, technology, and education. The images are acquired from third party sites like Flickr; therefore check licenses of each image prior to downloading for use.

Jay Mantri

This is a fairly new stock photo website that has been around from March. It presents natural-looking photos taken mostly outdoors and also in coastal scenes. The photos are made available at no cost to users under Creative Commons. The images are also provided with no restriction on Copyrights.

Whatever image you are searching for, you will be glad to realize that there are lots of resources you can use. The sites mentioned above are just some of the few you can start with.

Adding Value To Your Site With Premium WordPress Plugins

What are plugins? WordPress plugins are simply pre-packaged code that can enhance the functionality and features of a blog or website. Various web development plugins offer several advantages for WordPress users. Firstly, plugins can aid optimization of a WordPress blog to get a higher ranking in search engines. Secondly, plugins can monitor the statistics of your website like page views and visitors. Thirdly, WordPress plugins avoid comment spamming from flooding your WordPress account.

Other useful features that come with WordPress plugins include photo galleries, social bookmarking and advertisement manager. WordPress plugins enables you to add functionality to your blog without needing any tiresome and complicated programming. With the wide range of benefits bloggers can get from free WordPress plugins, it’s no surprise that some developers take them a notch higher and develop various premium WordPress plugins to suit diverse blogging needs.

Let us take have a look at some various benefits that bloggers get by integrating their WordPress blogs with premium WordPress plugins just at a small price:

  1. Aside from being simply a portal that offers information, you can use premium plugins to display custom types of content, integrate interactive controls and tools that can be manipulated by the user, display dynamic content, design webpage layout that you perceive fit, and so much more. This makes your site stand ahead of your competition. The difference between premium plugins and free plugin is evident in how professional it makes your website look. Visitors are likely to spend more time on your site rather than simply scanning up down and leaving never to return again. And the more time visitors spend on yours site the more you’re likely to convert them into paying customers or other forms of online earning such as pay per click.
  2. WordPress premium plugins can significantly automate and streamline complex web design and coding challenges. As the name suggests, plugins are just “plug and play” code modules that easily integrate seamlessly with WordPress. In case there was something you wish you could achieve with your WordPress blog but you cannot figure out how, be assured that there is a premium plugin that can fulfill the need for you. You do not have to worry about messing around under-the hood with WordPress. Premium WordPress plugins can put that need to rest, so that you can spend extra time to focus on the tasks that really matter, like promoting your site, rather than spending a lot of time trying to develop it. By doing so, you’ll be in a position to achieve increased income from your site, if you’re monetizing it.

An investment in WordPress premium plugins will pay for itself many times over.

How to Install WordPress on Windows in 5 Minutes

While there are many way of installing WordPress on your Windows machines, one of the easiest ways is by using Web PI (Microsoft’s Web Platform Installer). This installation procedure will take about 5 minutes to complete; even for a complete newbie. The following step by step guide will show you how to install WordPress using Web PI.

What you should know before you start

  • The steps that will be outlined in this installation guide will work on versions of Windows that support IIS. These include Windows Server, Windows XP professional, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.
  • You should have administrator privileges so that you can be able to install programs on your computer.
  • It should be noted that once you have installed Microsoft Web PI, not other web server can use the localhost to locally host a website on your computer.

Step 1

  • – You first need to go to WordPress’ Installation page here:
  • – Next, click on the INSTALL button
  • – If you had previously installed Web PI, the program will automatically launch. However, if Web PI is not installed, a prompt will appear asking if you want to install it; go ahead and do so.

Quick Side Note: Web PI is free and will install and configure PHP, IIS, MySQL and other things you will need to host or develop web applications on your Windows machine.

Step 2

  • – When Web PI installation completes, you will see WordPress’s information page. On the page’s lower right hand corner, click on the INSTALL button to start WordPress installation.

Step 3

  • – The best part about using Web PI is that it will find all the dependencies and modules you need to run WordPress on your computer. For example, it will install and configure both PHP and MySQL to run WordPress.
  • – Once MySQL has been installed and configure, you will be asked to create a password for MySQL’s root database account. REMEMBER: This password should be kept safe because WordPress will require it to access your root account database.
  • – Next, you should choose the site where you want to install WordPress. You have 2 options here; one is to install it to a pre-existing site or create a new one. If you do not require any advanced configurations when creating a new site, you can use the default settings.

Step 4

  • – WordPress Setup: – The WordPress installation wizard will guide you through answering a few questions in order to complete installation. Web PI will then complete then installation process.
  • – After completion, Click on the LAUNCH in browser button and VOILA; WordPress will launch.

This video is how to install wordpress locally with the use of wamp server.

The Best Free WordPress Plugins

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS-Content Management System for creating a new website. It’s a free & open source and is based on MySQL and PHP. WordPress features include a template system and a plug-in architecture. Let’s look at the best free WordPress plugins in 2014:


bbPress is an exciting forum solution that seamlessly integrates with WordPress. It’s the de facto forum plugin and the only WordPress plugin forum with its own-book!

#NextGen Facebook Open Graph

Improve the ranking and appearance of WordPress pages, posts and ecommerce services in social Website shares and Google Search.

#Better Word Press Minify

This lets you minify your JS and CSS files for faster webpage loading for visitors.


It improves performance and reduces the size of the image file using the feature within WordPress.

#Contact form 7

This plugin has the capacity to manage contact forms in multiple, and you can flexibly customize mail contents with simple-markup. The form 7 supports Ajax-enabled submitting, Akismet spam filtering, CAPTCHA and so on.

#WordPress SEO by yoast

It is built around one-core SEO plugin. Yoast offers various plugins that helps optimize your WordPress Search Engine Optimization.

#NextGEN Gallery

This is the most accepted WordPress gallery plugin with over 9-million downloads hence it’s the most popular-plugin of all time.

#W3 Total Cache

Easy Web Performance Optimization-(WPO) using caching: page, object, browser, minify, database and content-delivery network support.

#Disqus comment system

Disqus is truly transforming the blog comments method, allowing you to instantly-turn your blog site into a social-media community. It permits you to create more interactive site or blog community that helps you to seamlessly connect with the other top social-media sites online.

#Pretty Link

This WordPress plugin permits you to hide your affiliate link with-ease. They also allows you to trace every hit on your URL and gives you a detailed report of where-the hit came from.

#Better WP Security

Attacks on blog and sites have become more prevalent nowadays. It is imperative that you maintain your blog or site safe with something like “Better WP Security”. This makes it easier to secure your blog or site in a few seconds.

#Easy WordPress Parallax Slider

Sliders add a great-looking featured area….on your website. It is also hard to have multiple parallax sliders on your site at the same-time. The parallax slider offers you various choices for every parallax slider you create.

#Facebook like Box Widget

A social plugin that allows Facebook page owner or administrator to gain and attract Likes from their own-website.

#Finally, SEO Search

Terms Tagging 2- This help multiply blog or site traffic by SEO strengthening on webpage, auto convert search-term into posts tags and increasing the number or frequency of indexed pages.